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Introducing Phostir - the new website optimization tool which helps you achieve an outstanding customer experience across ALL platforms and devices. Join the BETA.

 Optimize your websites, in real time, across every device

The only website monitoring tool designed to help you achieve an outstanding customer experience across ALL platforms and devices

Mobile, tablet, desktop... We've got it covered.


Free Beta is now closed

A big thank you to all who participated in our BETA trial.

We're working on the new service, and looking forward to bringing you the ultimate website optimization tool very soon.

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A brand new approach to website optimization

Your visitors are viewing your website on a truly dizzying array of different devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. And your website performs differently on all of them.

This means it's no longer enough to test your website once, on one device. You need to know that your site is optimized and error free on all your customers' platforms and devices.

You can’t test them all – it would take you years! But Phostir can.

Phostir is a brand new approach to website optimization that works to automatically detect every error your users encounter, on whatever device they are using. It shows you exactly what’s broken and where, and guides you through the fixing process. It does this in real time, so you can instantly address the issues that are impacting your customers right now, and make immediate improvements to your website’s performance.

What does Phostir test?

Phostir tests for all the issues that are going to break your customer experience on different devices, including:

  • SEO: Fixing these errors will improve how your page appears in search engine results and how it ranks.
  • Usability: Fixing these errors will improve your customer experience, the readability of your content and its effectiveness across different devices.
  • Accessibility: Fixing these errors will help users with a disability access your page. In some countries you are required to do this by law.
  • Legal: Phostir will warn you about potential legal issues on your sites, such as missing regulatory information.

How do we do it?

Phostir doesn't just test your website once, it tests EVERY SINGLE VISIT.

Using a light-weight tag that you drop into your website templates, Phostir automatically analyzes every visit and reports back on the issues and errors encountered on every device being used. 

You log in to the service to view your reports. Phostir's real-time reporting dashboards provide clear, actionable information, showing you where you're at risk and what issues require your immediate attention.

What do you get with Phostir?

Workflow prioritization


The Prioritize tool maps errors against visitor traffic, segmenting your website into zones of high, medium and low visibility content.

Now you can go straight to the errors on the high-traffic content that are impacting your visitors right now, and see what immediate actions will give you the biggest wins. 

Analyze your error distribution


Use Phostir's Analyze tool to see how errors are distributed across the individual pages of your site.

With just a single click you can zoom right in to individual pages and optimize the usability issues that will increase your conversions.



Phostir's Page Optimizer makes error fixing simple.

It floats on top of the web page you want to improve and guides you through the optimization process.

It shows you exactly where each error occurs - highlighting it in context on the page, and tells you what you need to do to put things right. 

Reaching the parts of your site no other tools can reach

But that's not all. Phostir has the power to expose previously impossible-to-detect errors in personalized and targeted web content, such as product recommendations and behavioral ads.

Most users don’t complain, they just don’t come back. With Phostir you can catch the brand damaging issues that are losing you sales and sending your visitors elsewhere

You can finally be sure your visitors are seeing your content the way you want them to on every device, every time. No more quality assurance blind spots. No more guessing.  


Automated website testing for any site, any platform

Phostir integrates smoothly with any type of website, including desktop and mobile sites, and the latest responsive design websites. It's completely platform independent. Just drop the tag on your site and you're ready to go.

Scalable to your needs

Phostir will monitor as few or as many pages as you like and easily scales to your requirements, enabling you to increase customer retention and acquisition and build business value quickly.

NO LIMIT to the number of pages you can test

Phostir scales to your requirements. You can put the tag on as many pages as you like to deliver the results you need. 

Does Phostir work with secure (https) sites?

Sorry, not just yet, but come back again soon. We're currently working on a version of Phostir designed specifically for secure sites. Let us know if you'd like to be notified when this is available.

Can I use Phostir on an intranet?

It depends. If your intranet is not on https (see above) then the Phostir dashboard will work in your trusted zone.

Also, if you access the dashboard from outside your trusted zone, Phostir's website preview feature won't work correctly as we won't be able to reproduce your trusted web content. However, all the other features will still work fine.

NEVER affects page load time

 The Phostir tag uses asynchronous JavaScript so it never slows down your page load time.

More features coming

Remember, we're in BETA, with lots of features in the works. So if it isn't there yet, it may be soon.


10 ways Phostir will help you increase the competitiveness of your website


  1. Help you create an outstanding user experience and become the go-to destination for your product or service
  2. Eliminate device-specific issues that are LOSING you customers
  3. Make it easy to manage the quality of your responsive design or mobile website
  4. Find and fix hidden glitches in personalized and targeted web content
  5. Work smarter and more effectively by prioritizing your efforts on the issues which will give you the biggest wins today
  6. Optimize SEO and drive more traffic to your site
  7. Track where poor SEO performance is losing you traffic
  8. Manage risk, by getting immediate feedback about errors on high-traffic pages
  9. Find out exactly where your customer experience is breaking and how to fix it
  10. Learn what devices your visitors are using to inform your mobile strategy

How is Phostir different from Mobile Testing tools?

Mobile testing tools, otherwise known as "device emulators", show you how your web design LOOKS on different brands and models of mobile device.

Phostir helps you diagnose and fix the issues that are actually impacting your users on different devices. It shows you where you have errors that are breaking your user experience. And it doesn't stop at mobile - it covers ALL the devices your visitors are using, including desktops, laptops and tablets.


How is Phostir different from Conversion Optimizer tools?

Conversion rate optimizers, go under many names, including "A/B", "split" and "multivariate" testing tools. These tools are designed to help you test out different versions of your web pages to find the most compelling page design and messaging. 

Phostir is about improving the quality of your user experience across different devices and eliminating errors. Use Phostir to achieve a stellar user experience that keeps visitors on-site where they can engage and buy more.

Your 30-second set-up

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Copy and paste the code for your unique tag into your website templates or individual pages of the websites you want to track (If you don't know how to drop a JavaScript snippet into your website read our short guide, or ask your webmaster).

Your Phostir tag will look like this. Just drop it into your website template right before the closing body tag </body>  If you use a tag manager, Phostir works great with these too.  

Your Phostir tag will look like this. Just drop it into your website template right before the closing body tag </body> 

If you use a tag manager, Phostir works great with these too.


Step 3: Login for immediate access to your website data!


Start testing your website today

No other tool illuminates your website like Phostir. Now you can easily fix the errors that frustrate your visitors, build brand loyalty and increase your online competitiveness.